Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Interesting things you should know about guys


Girls, You know how Guys really are??

Guys melt when you stare at them with your angelic smile.
Guys look strong but actually they are more emotional than girls.

Guys may stare at hot chicks all day, but before they go to sleep, they would always think about the girl they truly love.

When a guy tells you about his problems that time he just needs you to listen and support him.

A guy literary doesn’t bother about their clothes and hairstyle once he gets his angel.

When a guy gets angry he wants you to hold his hand and make him calm.

Guys get jealous when you talk to other guys in front
of them and what annoys them even more is when you say “arre baba,we are JUST FRIENDS”.

Guys love it when you say  “Take Care of yourself” after a long conversation.
A guy would start lying when you become dominating.

Guys love to see you play with your hair.

Guys hate it when you mutter and “hmmmmmmm”.

When a guy sacrifices his Sunday morning sleep and health just to be with you, that means he really likes you and will do anything for you.

A guy will expect you to support him to fulfill his Big Dreams.

Guys would try to act normal but their day will be incomplete without listening to your voice.

When a guy loves you to the core, he would go against this world to get you on any condition. ♥♥♥

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