Monday, 28 October 2013

Feelings of Love


Feelings of Love:

When your love call you with sweet nick names doesn't everything seems more beautiful ??

When your love messages you at midnight just to tell you, you're being missed... Doesn't you feel on cloud nine ??

When you feel like giving up but you remember about your love and everything seems alright... Doesn't you feel lucky to have that love in your life ??

When your love shouts at you when you don't take care of yourself... Doesn't you feel happy inside ??

When just the thought of loosing your love, your eyes fills with tears... Doesn't you feel like holding your love tightly and never let go ??

When you think of your love being around you... Doesn't your starts to beat faster ??

Love comes with Pain, sacrifices, compromises, adjustments...
But at the same time it gives us a lot of Happiness and many-many Sweet Memories... !!
and this sweetness lingers forever and ever in our heart, after all feelings of Love can't be expressed with pen, these can only be Felt with the Heart...... !!!

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