Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Heart Breaking Love Story


Heart Breaking Love Story

One day, a girl and her boyfriend were walking on a beach, and they begun to talk..

Girl : I want you to know something.
Boy : Okay
Girl : I love you with all my heart, no matter what I say or do, and I promise to you that we will be together forever..
Boy : And I want you to know that I promise to protect you with all my power...
Like i said.. I will protect you no matter what.. I would give my life for yours

As they were walking, a huge tidal wave hit them…
And in a struggle the boy put the girl on his back and swam as hard as he could..
And finally they made it to shore..

15 minutes later the girl awoke to find her lifeless boyfriend on the ground next to her.

She whispers, “you kept your promise to me, so I will keep my promise to you...”

The girl walked into the water until she drowned so now they could be together… forever.....

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