Sunday, 6 October 2013

The most amazing feeling ever


The most amazing feeling in the world is to be in love...

It encompasses in one the happiness, the mood, the power and everything you would need.

I love you.. I love you so much..
Everything you do, say, I love everything connected with you!

I love your dimples, your eyes, your hands, your smile, 

I love the way you walk, and I adore you.

I adore the calmness I feel when you kiss and hug me. 

I adore the way you get me in the right mood when we are together.
I adore the moment we lie in each others hands and there is only the moonlight above.
I adore the tenderness you radiate when you hug me.
Is there a more amazing feeling than love?

I wake up in the morning with the thought of you,
I lie in the evening with your smile in my head.
I miss you from the moment I lose a sight of you.
I love you, is there anything so good?

I love the itch in the stomach every time I see you.
I love every second when I am with you and the only thing I feel sorry for is that it is over now. When I am with you the world is different, no one else exists, only me and you.

No problems exist; there is nothing else that I want more than to have you.

I love you more than the whole world and more..
No other being makes me feel so good.
I love you, you make my day and smile.
I love the way you say you love me; you open up my heart so I can love every piece of the world around me.

Sometimes dreams do come true.

My dream is you.

I love you, I need no one and nothing more.

Only you make me feel happy,

You love me and it is the best thing in the world...

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