Monday, 27 May 2013

We are strangers now


We are strangers now

It's been almost a month that we
broke up. He was the best thing
that was ever mine. This word
*was* was pricking every bit of me.
Who says I don't miss you? God
dammit. I try to forget you but I
can't. I try to keep myself busy
throughout the day so that I don't
get time to think about you, to
think about us, to think about the
memories we had built. But at
night, all my tries go in vain. Your
face flashes in my mind all the
time. The time spent with you seems
as if its long gone but its essence is
still there. I lose count of time when
I think about you. The way you
loved me, the way you used to take
my name, where has it gone? Was
our love so weak that rumours
spread by other people made us fall
apart? Whenever we pass
each other now, our eyes meet for a
fraction of a second and I can see
hurt , tears and pain in them. I wish
you let me speak to you once. I
wish, just once. We are no more
than strangers now. They say girls
are strong. But they are wrong. I feel lost inside. I
feel as if the most important part of
me has been taken away from me. I
had imagined our future together.

You were gonna be my prince and
I would have given you all the
treasures of this world.
But this bloody mean world! It just
took you away from me. They took
my most priced possession. I am
feeling as if a puzzle had lost its
piece, a ship had lost its direction in
the sea, star lost its shine, a word
lost its meaning and I lost my heart
and soul to the world when it took
you away from me.

The early morning texts I got from
you , those late night convo's, I really don't know
which part I miss the most. I have
lost myself completely. My days feel
like decades without you. I often go to the places whr i used to speak to u
just to have an essence of your
presence. Seeing other couples
happy makes me realize what we
would have been today if we were
together? And tears flow through
my eyes. I try to ignore the pain
but it suffocates me inside.

I still re - read those texts n all the memories in my mind flashes back again. From lovers
we became the world's most
familiar strangers. Lots of unsaid
feelings and words inside us, but we
prefer to keep it to ourselves cuz
we are no less than two strangers
who had once promised to conquer
the world together. Your memories
cry me to sleep every night.
I still love you. :(

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