Saturday, 25 May 2013


Must be read by All... Especially GUYS..!!
She came to u asking for Attention,
U said U were Busy..
She called u in the middle of the Night,
U said U wanna Sleep..
She fought with U for no reason just to spend
Some time talking to the One she needs the
U say she is impossible..!!
YES she's bad.. demanding..poss esive..
Jealous.. Weak.. Emotional..
ANd Yes,
She throw a lot of Tantrums right..?
But remember.....
Once upon a time when U were
U looked at the moon and Said,
I'll give Everything for Someone who Disturbs me
the Time, i'll
never Leave Her Alone, I'll never let Her Cry.."
U broke Her Heart and the strange Part is...
SHE still LOVE YOU..
"Don't lose a Diamond while Your too busy
collecting the Stones. . . .

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