Monday, 3 June 2013

True Love


I began my journey in search of true love
And looked to the sky, for strength from above
If love is so great, why is it hard to find
I cannot see it, am I just blind.

What is true love, does it really exist
Is it a feeling, a thought or an abyss
Where is true love, is it lost in the mist
Is it in my mind, my heart or behind my first kiss.

Why do hearts hurt if love is so pure
Many are broken and seeking a cure
What is true love, is it big or small
They say 'It's better to have loved, than not at all'

Where can I find it, where does one look
In nature, in others, or a romantic book
'It comes from within', that is what they say
Do I search in my soul or continue to pray.

My journey now over, I will share what I found
True love is within us and holds no bounds
It is a beautiful feeling, within one’s soul
It can be shared with others and make you whole.

From this feeling of love there is so much to gain
If it is true love you will never feel pain
It will not deceive you, or devalue your worth
An abundance of this love can bring peace on earth.

This feeling of love can be found nowhere else
No glamour, no glitter or extreme wealth
This materialistic world to which we aspire
Cannot give us the true love our hearts desire.

As I close my eyes and relax my mind
I discover inner feelings deep down inside
Peace, happiness and harmony too
True love exists there within all of you.

Now that I have found it, I will never let it go
I shall cherish these feelings deep in my soul
No one can destroy it, it is here forever
This true love of mine will leave me never.
- Mia DaCosta


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