Friday, 14 June 2013

Heart touching story, A boy and a girl Loved each


A boy and a girl Loved each
other very much.
Unfortunately the Girl Died..
Boy was Upset so much;
and he couldn't Stop his
Tears. He kept on Crying Day and
Many People gave
but no Argument could
Stop His Tears. One Night He
Slept and had a Dream;
He saw the Girl in Heaven
with so many Girls of Her
age. He felt Relax..
But He Noticed
that every
Girl was in Fairy Dress;
and had a Lightened Candle
in their Hands, but his GF had a Candle
which was not Lightened..!
He asked Her:
"Why your Candle is not Lightened?" 
She said:
"Whenever I enlighten My
Ur Tears fall on it..!"
Please Stop Crying..

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