Thursday, 22 August 2013

Love at first sight


Love at first sight wasn’t the case
in this story of hers they talked and she walked
and didn’t look back just another guy at first.


She wasn’t looking her heart had been hurting and somehow she fell for his friend not meant to be before something started,
it all came to an end.

That boy she talked to about her troubles for some reason always was there as if he could feel the pain that they caused her she felt he would always care.

Her friends took notice of how she acted
Whenever he was around they said that maybe this boy just might be the love she hadn’t yet found.

She didn’t believe it she said they were crazy and she didn’t see him that way but something was changing and somewhere inside her she felt something different one day.

The boy who she went to when she felt lonely her best friend from the start his smile warmed her his words became music
and he won his way to her heart.

Soon they would both leave going her own way and he would also go his but then she knew that he would be back
one night when he gave her a kiss.

Now they are miles away from each other and she makes the same wish each night that soon when she sees him he sees the love that she couldn’t see at first sight.

Poem Written By
Stephanie Sepulveda

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