Thursday, 8 August 2013

A boy loved a mute and dumb girl



A boy loved a mute and dumb girl. She too loved him immensely and they decided to marry.

But then the girl came to know that her plight of being born as a mute and dumb was a prenatal affliction and that comes from the defect in the genes of her family’s generation and the same thing will also be naturally inherited to her child too.

After knowing this the girl grew adamant that she didn’t want to marry and give birth to some other with same defect like hers. Though the boy compelled her she expressed him that she had a miserable life until she met him and she didn’t want to see her child suffering miserably.

She cried that if her mom had thought so then she would not have cursed with this pitiful life.

The boy then gave a letter to her which made her to change the mind.
The contents of the letter are,

“You expressed that you had a miserable life, until you met me. The same goes with me too. My life was lonely and miserable with none to care, and then I met you.

Do you know that my life changed colorful when your hands touched my life? When you started to care me as your own, I got interest to live as my life got someone to care. You swept away the emptiness in me and darkness in my life.

If you believe you have chosen the right man then trust me I would be there to take care of you and I would also take care of our child twice better than you. You are an angel in my life and I believe our child would also become angel in someone’s life.

Defect was someone that belongs to our heart. No one is perfect in this world, I too have many defects but you wholeheartedly accepted mine.

The same way we will accept our child too. Finally the decision is yours but I want you to close your eyes and think for a minute about everything I said.”

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