Saturday, 1 June 2013

I remember those days


I remember those days when we were living in each others heart..
before I speak any thing 2 U listen that, When Tease u, U cry Dramatically, Then I hug U to make u Smile again..
U Naughtily rub your nose on my shirt, when I noticed U cutely disguised me..

I remember those days when we had a fight & I was down on my knee to say"Sorry"in front of the world, U shyly accepts my apology..

I remember those days when I had not much money in my pocket&u ask me for a gift, I somehow managed the money to buy that gift for u..

I remember those days when I had an accident On the way to meet u, but when I saw u I forget my pain, but when u saw my wound u started crying..

I know the time has passed, U left me behind and moved away.... but m I still standing on that path with a wish in my heart that if the time move backward So that I can see u again at least for once before  my death..

- Unknown

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